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2019 New Member Incentives

Mesaba Country Club members will receive a $100 credit  for each new member recruited for the 2019 season.

We hope everyone understands the importance of recruiting new members to not only help keep our membership dues held to a minimum but to also insure our long term survival.

Please help do your part and inform any golfers you may know about our trial membership program.
RETURNING MEMBERS:  Previous members who have been gone for at least six years will pay first year trial membership dues & no capital fee for the first year upon returning and pay the full Corporate rate in subsequent years + capital fund fees.  

Previous members who have been gone less than six years will receive a discount of $100 for each year they have been gone upon return in the first year back and pay the full Corporate rate in subsequent years.   Capital fund fees will apply to returning members who have been gone less than six years.
Dues for Trial Members:

4 Year Plan                      Dues 2019
1st Year                     $699
2nd Year                   $799 + $175 Capital Fund
3rd Year                    $999 + $175 Capital Fund
4th Year                    $1199  + $175 Capital Fund
5th Year                    Full Dues  + $175 Capital Fund

Dues for Former Members 1st Year Back

Years gone                      Dues 2019
1                           $1250 + $175 Capital Fund
2                           $1150 + $175 Capital Fund
3                           $1050 + $175 Capital Fund
4                           $ 950  + $175 Capital Fund
5                           $ 850  + $175 Capital Fund
6 +            $699 - 1st year back & no Capital Fund
Member Services
Handicap Fee       $25

Locker Rental (towel fee included)      $60

Motorized Carts
   Trail Usage                      $150
   Cart Storage (gas)            $200
   Cart Storage (electric)      $250

Season Cart Rental   $550

Club Storage & Cleaning Service      $70

Season Range
  Single              $115
  Family              $155