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Golf course tee sign advertising
Would you like your business to be highlighted and viewed by over  20,000+  customers each year at a bargain price?   

Mesaba Country Club offers one of the lowest cost marketing strategies.  For less than the price of a newspaper ad you will be able to promote your local business to thousands of potential customers with higher incomes.

Golf course advertising is recognized as a great way and also one of the least expensive ways to reach your valuable customers.   
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(218) 262-2851
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Mesaba County Club Logo
Mesaba Country Club Logo
Mesaba Country Club - Minnesota Golf Course
415 E. 51st St.  |  Hibbing, Mn 55746   |  T. (218) 262-2851
Middle to High Income 
"Golfers earn approximately three times the median income of the average US citizen, plus they fall within the top one percentile of disposable / discretionary income spenders, making them one of the most sought after groups."  
National Golf Association
If you would like to learn more about promoting your business
with us please, or to sign up for our waiting list,
contact Gary at: (218) 263-4826.
Bonus Special - Sign up for our three year advertising plan and you'll receive a fourth year of advertising FREE!    Your average cost is just $187.50 per year.
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