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  *Convenient monthly payment plans available

TRIAL - (First Year): Single or Family golfing membership without limitation for one (1) year only. (Optional 2nd, 3rd, 4th year). Full clubhouse privileges. No Capital fund applies.

TRIAL: (Second, third, and fourth year): Single or Family golf membership without limitation. Full clubhouse privileges.  2017 capital fund of $175 applies.

CORPORATE:  Single or Family golfing membership without limitation to the number of rounds of golf played. Includes all members of your family up until the age of 20 or age 24  if your child is enrolled in college.  Includes full clubhouse and course privileges.  Includes full voting rights.  Capital fund of $175 applies.

INTERMEDIATE:  Single or Family golfing membership without limitation, for members at least 25 years old but not yet 35 years of age*.  Full clubhouse privileges.  Age determined by eldest applicant.  Dues are structured the same as a trial membership, with a four year tiered program. (*See above)   No capital Fund 1st year, capital fund applies in subsequent years.

SOCIAL GOLF:  Single or Family golfing membership with limitation of 12 rounds of golf per season. (9 or 18 holes)   Limited playing times to be set by the Board of Directors.  Full clubhouse privileges.   2017 Capital Fund of $130 applies.

STUDENT / ASSOCIATE:  (*anyone is eligible)  Single or family golfing membership for members between the ages of  20-24*.   Age is determined by the eldest applicant.  Full clubhouse and course privileges.   No Capital Fund applies.

JUNIOR 12-19
  Single person between the ages of 12 -19.    Golfing membership with limited playing times to be set by the Board of Directors.  No Capital Fund.      To view the Junior Golf Playing schedule.. click here

  Members of the clergy residing within 50 miles of the City of Hibbing. Single or Family golfing membership. Full clubhouse and course privileges.       Capital fund of $100 applies.

SOCIAL: Membership with no golfing privileges. Full clubhouse & driving range privileges. (Extra fees for driving range balls will apply.)

*Age determined on January 1st of each year

* CAPITAL FUND: This fee will be paid annually by all Corporate,  2nd 3rd and 4th year Trial & Intermediate, Social Golf, Non-resident, and Clergy members. 

The fund is to be utilized for capital improvements to the golf course and clubhouse
The fund amount will be determined each year based on need.

Anyone desiring membership at the Mesaba Country Club must submit a signed application to be reviewed by the Board of Directors.       All applicants will be notified of the Board's decision.
Applications may be picked up in the business office, pro shop or you many fill out the  membership inquiry form to have one emailed to you.
Frank Catani
My wife and I felt welcome from day one.   We have made many new friends since joining and we are having the time of our life."

New Members
Frank & Juanita Catani
Treat your family and yourself to a great course featuring a
friendly membership and readily available tee times. 
That trip to other courses around the range is not without it's cost.  The average vehicle operation expense according to AAA is now 73.9 per mile to operate for a medium size vehicle such as a Ford Fusion or Honda Accord.  (10,000 mi. per year avg. at $3 gallon) 
If we took a conservative estimate of .60 per mile, we will show you what the true cost of your trips are actually costing you.

                     20 rounds played  (avg. cost of travel)     14 miles (one way)  = $336 per year   -   33 miles (one way) = $804 per year
    Ask yourself,  "what is my time worth"?   For convenience and value Mesaba Country Club is the perfect choice!
  Think you're saving lots of money by playing other area courses.
Maybe not!
Family golfers at sunset
2017 -- Trial Membership Special Offer
-- Just $699 --
*Optional 2nd through 4th year membership discounts.
*No bar restaurant minimums
*No contract or additional fees.

Pay just $100 down & take advantage of our
convenient monthly payment plan
"Our becoming  members at Mesaba was one of the better decisions we have ever made. 
Win free golf image.
Join our Eclub  for exclusive special offers,  news, updates 
a chance to  win four FREE rounds of golf each month! .....
Mesaba Country Club would like to invite you to join  our Golf Club.   We offer you the chance to spend many enjoyable hours in the great outdoors with your friends or entire family.
We are a family oriented golf course. Consider the value of having your child grow up in a secure and learning environment away from the TV and video games.   Your child will be in an environment where they can develop values that will help them throughout their adult lives.

Whether you join Mesaba for the exercise, business opportunities, to meet new friends, or to simply play one of the finest courses in the area, you will find we offer a great value for your entertainment dollars.

You will find it's easy to make  new friends by taking advantage of the many member sponsored golf events.  We invite you to come experience the luxury of playing golf at one of Northern Minnesota's finest golf courses.   Let Mesaba CC help provide you with an upgrade to your lifestyle.
Trial (1st year member).... $699
Trial (2nd year member).. $799
Trial (3rd year member)... $999
Trial (4th year member)... $1199
Corporate .......................... $1350
Intermediate (same as trial) $
Social Golf.......................... $725
Clergy ...............................  $650
Student  (ages 20 - 24)....
*Do not have to be in school
Junior (ages 12 - 19) ......... $110
Social................................. $100
     MEMBERSHIP & DUES - 2017
Previous members who have been gone for at least six years will pay first year trial membership dues & no capital fee the first year upon returning and full Corporate rate in subsequent years.  

Previous members who have been gone less than six years will receive a discount of $100 for each year they have been gone upon return, and pay full Corporate rate in subsequent years. 

* Capital fund fees will apply to members who have been gone less that six years.
Previous  Members
-- Special Offer --
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Mesaba Country
Club Wants You!